How to Become a Firefighter


Self-sacrifice is a strong demand in a firefighting job. Firefighter applicants must go through a lot of challenges before being hired, they must pass the physical exam as well as the written exam. However, there will still be an interview to determine your dedication on the job. Well experienced firefighters can tell of someone has the potential of becoming a good firefighter.

The first step in the ladder is by taking the exam and passing it. You have to be fully prepared for this because only a few can survive this exam. It’s not just all about the procedures of the  firefighting  job or the rules and regulations, the exam is so much more than that. It is designed to test your logic skills and your capabilities of handling problems.

You have to understand that the exam does not include anything about the procedures of firefighting or its rules and regulations as it is mandated by law until the applicants have proper training for the said field. The written exam consist of memory, mechanical abilities, map reading and your memory, problem solving, reading comprehensions and ability to follow instructions.

The first objective of the exam is to test how much you have learned and your knowledge. The second objective is to measure your potential for any development. In order to test your problem solving skills and judgment, you will be asked a few job related questions.

Taking up practice test will not only prepare your mind but it will also help you to be aware of the possible questions that you are going to encounter. The advantage of taking up a practice test is that you can also condition yourself in order to avoid panic and mental block when it comes to the examination proper.

Your capability to follow instructions and the ability to solve a problem will be one of the highlights in the exam. A lot of areas will be tested and you can expect a lot of graphs, charts and diagrams in your questionnaire. You can also find question testing your capacity to determine potential problems. It is also important that you have basic knowledge about certain devices since you mechanical capabilities will also be tested.

The reason why most people fail in the exam is because they rush things. They don’t analyze the questions being given leading to wrong answers. You can also answer the easier questions first so that you will not be pressured about the time. If you finish the easy ones first, at least you now have some sure answers unlike if you will just rush things up without even making sure that you got them correctly. Remember that you are being tested with your logic skills, so don’t waste the opportunity being given to you because you’re in a hurry.




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